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Stef Kuypers

The Stand-Up Way
Stand-Up Entrepreneur
Stef is what you could call a multipotentialite, someone who doesn’t stick to one subject but who has a wide range of interests. This made him explore the worlds of IT, coaching, creative thinking, improv, theater, contemporary dance, sociology, leadership and systems thinking.

Stef is someone who likes to sit in the helicopter view in order to connect the dots. One of the subjects he is currently working on is monetary systems and how they influence our behaviour and thus our society. This journey started about 3 years ago when he started wondering why it seems to be so hard to solve our climate change problem. We know what needs to be done but everyone is dragging their feet. Eventually he arrived at money and more specifically the way its design is hampering progress where it matters.

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, August 26

15:30 CEST