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Ingrid Larik

Founder 2BeLinked
CoP Collaborative Economy
Ingrid’s heart beats for everything to do with Organizational Design and enhancing Collaboration in all sorts of ways : be it within the organization - between people and/or teams – as between organizations who work together in alliances, partnerships or wants to create real eco-systems. Therefore emphasis is put on participation and co-creation with all stakeholders concerned: from investigating new business models to finding common ground(s)/goals. Balancing the different interests and needs of organizations, teams and individuals is
crucial. Enabling true dialogue is key in order to get to common ground(s) and setting goals with the teams. The next step is designing the organization to help it achieve its ambitions in a sustainable and lean way, i.e. value creation in a generative way and people centered. To be future fit.

Facilitating this change - or transition rather - is what she really likes to do. In order to tackle such complex processes she founded 2BeLinked, a community of practice on Collaborative Economy and growing eco-system of like-minded self-employed professionals with complementary knowledge and experiences. She is also a team member of The Learnscape, a learning eco-system that uses social apps, e-coaching and safe intranet to stimulate formal and informal learning.

Because continuous learning is a must to be agile. Her multi-disciplinary background - legal /business counsellor and coach/mediator - allows her to build bridges and open doors between the hard parts (contracts, ownership, IP, goals, KPI’s…) and more so-called soft parts of business (communication, interests, resistance to change, creating support, learning…).
Being a holon in the whole.

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https://www.ingridlarik.be - https://www.2belinked.be/