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Anne Billen

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CoP Collaborative Economy

Anne’s passion is to read, think, write and speak about radically different ways of “doing business” – in a regenerative way. For the benefit of life, not for the wealth and power of the 1 %.

A long career in the corporate financial world and a journey of personal development comprise the matrix from which stems her true passion : how can we sustainably organize ourselves to serve the needs of life ? What lessons can be learned from nature, the insights of modern human (and economic) sciences, the spiritual wisdom of  the great traditions and indigenous people, and the myriad of emergent initiatives around the world? How can we scale and leverage, and design our systems in such a way that they are resilient to inner and outer challenges, in the same way as nature itself?  Because we need to consciously pioneer the future we want to live in, to create a better and more sustainable world.  

In this co-creative journey, she navigates the connections between ownership design, organizational design, governance, leadership, co-creation and collaboration, awareness and awakening. Because design is the fundamental soul of a human-made creation that ends up expressing itself in succesive outer layers of organization, product or service.

Currently Anne makes a living as a business and organizational coach and organizational designer. Her clients are people and organizations who are looking for ways to not only survive, but thrive in their professional life. With a living purpose aligned with their soul.

Anne combines wisdom, knowledge and enthousiasm with a vast practical toolkit.